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Community Resource Centres Program
The aim here is to establish community libraries
Mentorship Program
Nurturing the beneficiaries to excel and exposing them to role models so they may learn through their success
Scholarship Program
We support both primary and secondary students advance their education

Establishing community resource centres, mentorship and ensuring children are in school is our top priority.

Our Profile Statement

Our Vision

To be a partner in fostering education through provision of supplemental resources that will propagate and enrich learning and teaching in Kenya.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming and enhancing education in Kenya by creating a pool of educational resources and enabling underprivileged children access quality education.

Our Strategy

To bridge the literacy and information gap by availing reading materials and equipment, providing mentorship programs, scholarships and youth empowerment at arm’s length across the country.

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Our Testimonials

Patrick Maina is a class 7 pupil at Mairongi primary school located in Muranga County. He visits the library regularly after school to do his homework. Maina says, 'Maktaba Foundation library has really helped me improve my grades in schools and with the variety of books in the library am able to revise for exams well and also keep myself busy on school holidays and weekends.'

Patrick Maina
Patrick Maina

Rosemary Watiri is a first year student at Dedan Kimathi University undertaking Bachelor of Science in Procurement. Rosemary says, 'As a young child in primary and secondary school, the local library was my refuge as most of my school life I was sent home due to lack of school fees. I used to visit the library everyday and go to school to do exams as I couldn’t attend classes.'

Rosemary Watiri
Rosemary Watiri

James Kabingu is a form 4 student at Gaichanjiru High School. He has been visiting the library since 2013 when it was established. He visits the library on school holidays The community library is making a big difference to James who says, 'I’m improving my grades as I get a chance to read in a peaceful environment and there are variety of textbooks for revision.'

James Kabingu
James Kabingu


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